Bone Broth Protein Meal - Chocolate Creme

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Bone Broth Protein Meal - Chocolate Creme

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Discover the benefits of this revolutionary meal replacement shake 

Bone Broth Protein™ Meal is derived from bone broth, flax seed, coconut, tiger nuts, nutrient-dense greens and fermented herbs & spices

With the powerful ingredients in Bone Broth Protein™ Meal, it offers:

  • Healthy weight management support
  • Promotion of healthy energy

Plus, like any product I promote, it’s backed by my quality and purity standards.

And my Bone Broth Protein™ Meal is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gut-friendly | Paleo-friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Made without dairy, soy and grain

Bone Broth Protein™ Meal features:

  • Collagen from Real Food Sources
  • 20 Grams of Protein
  • 2 Grams of Sugar
  • 5 Grams of Fiber (Contains 4g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content.)
  • No Artificial Preservatives or Colors

Bone Broth Protein™ MEAL delivers a bone-broth fueled meal on-the-go in a convenient form.

The great thing about this revolutionary new formula is that it’s not just packed with the ancient superfood bone broth. It’s a complete superMEAL featuring:

  • Flax Seed
  • Coconut
  • Tiger Nuts
  • Greens and Sprouts
  • Fermented Herbs & Spices
  • And 20g of protein

PLUS, it contains whole food vitamins and minerals.

And where many meal replacement shakes would be content to stop there, Bone Broth Protein Meal is rounded out with digestive supporters, including live Probiotics, Prebiotics and Enzymes.

You might expect a meal replacement shake this good to contain lots of extra sugar or weigh in at more than 300 calories.

But Bone Broth Protein™ Meal delivers these for less than 200 calories per serving, and 2g sugar per serving.

Nourishing Goodness From Bone Broth Protein™ + More

By combining Bone Broth with Tiger Nuts and Coconut, there is so much goodness!

Despite the name, tiger nuts aren’t really nuts.

They’re tubers and they’re loaded with fiber to help you stay full and fueled longer.  

With the protein from Bone Broth, this combination is amazing fuel!

But it’s not just protein, tiger nuts and coconut. We’ve also included a fiber boost.

Our powerful Organic Fiber Blend contains flaxseed, acacia fiber and organic chia seed. This trio teams up to deliver the fiber blend.

Now say hello to the Organic Botanical Blend

We added a combination of ashwagandha, alfalfa grass juice, oat grass juice, fermented turmeric, fermented cinnamon, fermented ginger and apple cider vinegar for an extra punch. Wow!

And while we could have stopped there, we didn’t.

So, we also included a Probiotic and Enzyme Blend with specially selected enzymes plus the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum (3 billion CFU*).

Now there’s a great meal on the go option: Bone Broth Protein™ Meal! If you’re super busy, Bone Broth Protein™ MEAL is perfect for you and your busy lifestyle!

Try Bone Broth Protein™ MEAL in mouth-watering Vanilla Crème or heavenly Chocolate Crème!

*At time of manufacture