Bone Broth Protein Fit Thermo Burner

Bone Broth Protein Fit Thermo Burner

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Stoke Your Metabolism While Preserving Muscle

Bone Broth Protein™ FIT Thermo Burner metabolism-boosting, muscle-preserving protein powder for men and women.

Thanks to protein from concentrated bone broth, this unique thermogenic formula helps stoke your metabolism. But unlike many thermogenic options available, bone broth actually helps keep energy levels high and preserves muscle. Plus, it has a smooth, great Vanilla Spice taste!

With many other thermogenic supplements, you could be losing muscle at the same rate you’re losing fat.

We all know muscle is important. But when it comes to stoking metabolism, muscle is vital, since muscle can burn up to 3x as many calories as fat.

In other words, you may be losing the wrong type of weight and actually making future weight management more difficult by eating away your muscles.

Not with Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner, though.

The metabolism-boosting power of today’s hottest superfoods

Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner helps boosts metabolism, manage a healthy weight and promote overall fitness and energy goals.†

It’s loaded with superfood Bone Broth, clinically studied Ashwagandha, 6 Smoking Hot Peppers, 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar per serving and can deliver these transformational benefits to your health:

  • Metabolism and Healthy Weight†
  • Promotes Healthy Energy, Fitness & Sexual Function†
  • Helps Reduce Stress-Related Food Cravings†
  • Supports Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails†

Turn up the Heat in a Good Way

Today, I’ll reveal the good, the bad, the ugly and what to watch for with many “thermogenic” supplements.

Like anything else, there are great products out there and there are some—let’s just say—less than healthy options.

While I always recommend starting with a healthy diet and exercise, I believe the right thermogenic supplement can support your metabolism-revving and weight-management efforts.

What Are Thermogenics?

Thermogenics “turn up the heat” in the body. Hence, the name “Thermogenic.” It comes from the Greek word thermos, meaning hot.

The heat production is important. Why? Because the processes required to generate this extra heat in the body can support metabolism health, energy levels and weight management.

The ingredients in thermogenics vary by brand, but often they include stimulants such as  caffeine, guarana, and green tea extract.

Some of these ingredients are natural and generally good for you, but others can be far less than good for you, especially when consumed in too high of quantities or too long a time.

What To Look For To Turn Up the Heat While Also Supporting Your Muscles†

Protein, Amino Acids, Minerals and Electrolytes

Luckily, if you make sure to get enough superfoods rich in protein, such as bone broth, then you still obtain protein and amino acids such as glycine and proline.

Adequate protein intake and these amino acids are key to supporting healthy muscles.†

At the same time, many diets fail to provide some of the most important trace minerals we need for ongoing energy, immunity, digestion and more.

Again, because bone broth is made from animal bones and parts that are concentrated sources of numerous minerals, it provides essential nutrition that can help support electrolyte balance, hydration and more.†

Smokin’ Hot Peppers

Peppers such as cayenne and chili can help rev the metabolism and support a healthy weight.† So, turn up the heat in your diet with those kinds of peppers!

Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner contains 6 specially selected peppers: Organic Cayenne Pepper, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Jalepeño Pepper, Organic Chipotle Pepper, Organic Ancho Chili Pepper and Organic White Pepper.

Energy-Supporting Herbs

Too much caffeine can certainly be detrimental to your health. Yet, it’s one of the only ways that many thermogenics provide energy support. But too much caffeine can lead to dehydration and jitters when used solely.

On the other hand, herbs can be great for providing powerful energy support.

For example, take Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). It has been used in India for at least 3,000 years for a broad range of health purposes.†   

But get this: the total body benefits of the non-hormonal, clinically studied ashwagandha key ingredient found in Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner:

  • Supports a healthy weight†
  • Supports healthy muscle strength, endurance, stamina and athletic performance†
  • Supports healthy muscle size and muscle recovery rate†
  • Supports healthy hormone balance in men and women†
  • Supports a healthy stress response†
  • Supports the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol†
  • Supports a healthy immune system†
  • Supports a healthy mood†

Introducing Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner

You’ll be thrilled to know that my Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner meets the aforementioned criteria.

It helps boost metabolism, manage a healthy weight and promote overall fitness and energy goals by delivering the benefits of some of today’s hottest superfoods: Bone Broth (including 20g of Bone Broth Protein™), clinically studied Ashwagandha and 6 Smoking Hot Peppers—in convenient, great-tasting Vanilla Spice powder.†

That’s not all.

Plus: It’s gluten free, non-GMO, made without dairy, soy, grain, or nuts with no artificial preservatives, no antibiotics and no pesticides.

It’s not just a metabolism booster—it’s a metabolism booster that supports healthy muscle maintenance.

“This is one of the most powerful supplements I have ever seen, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this exclusive Bone Broth Protein FIT Thermo Burner formula—that you cannot get ANYWHERE ELSE!”

-Jordan Rubin, New York Times best-selling author of The Maker’s Diet and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition

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