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  • Energy that lasts all day long 
  • Normal, healthy body weight 
  • Regular and healthy digestion system 
  • A healthy metabolism 
  • Glowing, healthy looking skin 
  • Mental clarity and focus 
  • Improved body image and confidence 
  • A sense of balance with hormones 
  • Less emotional ups and downs 
  • And much, much more!

Is Your Metabolism Holding You Back and Destroying Your Efforts to Lose the Love Handles, Burn Fat and Get in Shape?



If you want to heal your thyroid and adrenals, balance hormones, burn fat and get in the best shape of your life

...then this might be the most important thing you'll read today

Keep on reading below because you'll discover how to address the root cause of why you're storing body fat. 

I'll share the 6 surprising metabolism "death foods" that you're probably eating, ruining your weight loss efforts, how to burn fat and banish cellulite, and my top foods for boosting your energy levels. I'll also introduce you to my BRAND NEW program that teaches you how to transform your metabolism so you can start losing weight, naturally.

Does Your Metabolism Feel Stuck?

Get a Doctor’s perspective on how to fix your metabolism, thyroid and adrenal issues and hormone imbalance

There are many reasons why your metabolism might not be working properly…

Maybe you’ve tried what seems like every single diet and supplement program in the book... or you spend hours in the gym, or maybe you’ve hit a plateau… Maybe you've lost 20 pounds. but you can't seem to get that last 10 pounds off.

But at the end of the day – you feel like you're not getting the results you want.

Well, I’m going to share with you a doctor’s perspective on how you can break through any weight loss plateau, overcome thyroid and adrenal issues, and finally balance your hormones and burn… even if it seems like you’re already doing some of the right things.

Reaching your ideal weight has a lot of benefits, not just in your appearance– but also in your long term health

Having high body fat is directly correlated with disease, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease

The average middle age weight gain of 22 pounds. doubles your risk of heart disease and triples your risk of cancer!*

Now here’s the good news.

If you lose those 20 pounds, you are cutting your risk of cancer down and also cutting down your risk of heart disease.*

The 4 Steps to Burn Fat Fast

  • #1 Remove the 6 “metabolism death foods” — These foods are ruining your metabolism, and to burn fat fast you need to get them out.
  • #2 Replace them with fat burning foods — There are a handful of specific foods that will help you burn fat.
  • #3 Do the right type of exercise — Takes an hour a week or less! Cut your exercise time in half and get double the results.
  • #4 Choose the right supplements — Learn how to boost your metabolism and choose the right supplements to support your body in burning fat.

Change Your Body From a Sugar-Burner to a Fat-Burner

There are 3 main things you need to focus on to help you lose weight and switch from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner. Every meal you should get protein, fiber and healthy fat.

When your body switches from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner, you'll begin to burn fat for energy. You’ll even begin burning fat as you sleep and wake up in the morning feeling leaner, looking more muscular and seeing more tone.†

You’ll begin to notice more muscle development and get leaner in your stomach– that’s because you are now a fat burner. That’s what happens when you flip that switch in your body.†

My metabolism makeover program will give you the exact meal plans, recipes, and everything else you’ll need to make the switch.†

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Getting Started

  • Turn on Your Fat Burning Switch
  • The Truth About Grains
  • Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus
  • Vision Board and Goal Setting

Bonus: 4 Expert Interviews (50 min. each)

  • NYT Bestselling Author Sara Gottfried, MD
  • NYT Bestselling Author Dr. Alan Christianson
  • NYT Bestselling Author Jonathan Bailor
  • Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Peter Osborne

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