Organic Bone Broth Protein™ Meal Savory Herbs

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    • Natural savory flavor with Organic Garlic, Rosemary and Thyme
    • Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO
    • 20g Real, Whole Food Complete Protein (fueled by real bone broth)
    • 21 Whole Food Fermented Vitamins and Enzyme Activated Minerals
    • Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free, Nut Free
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Product Overview

Introducing Organic Bone Broth Protein Meal Savory Herbs (Whole Food Shake & Meal Replacement)


Sometimes you just want a warm cup of soup to soothe your soul. And that’s what you can get almost instantly with delicious Organic Bone Broth Protein Meal Savory Herbs. 

It’s best served warm or at room temperature, can be added to water, veggie juice—OR served as a satisfying protein-packed soup MEAL or a mouth-watering herb gravy.

If you’re busy but refuse to give up your premium organic nutrition, then superfood-rich Organic Bone Broth Protein Meal Savory Herbs is perfect for you and your busy lifestyle.

You Asked for Organic Bone Broth Protein MEAL, and Here It Is!

Organic Bone Broth Protein MEAL is perfect for those looking for an organic, meatier, thicker and more substantial bone broth protein as a meal replacement. Containing a balanced, complete profile of both muscle-building proteins and connective tissue-building proteins, Organic Bone Broth Protein MEAL is ultimate source of ancient nutrients. 

The “Scoop” on Organic Bone Broth Protein MEAL

Available in four delicious flavors, each “heaping scoop” serving of Bone Broth Protein MEAL is a bone-broth fueled meal-on-the-go packed with Organic Bone Broth Protein, Organic Fiber Blend, Organic Botanical Blend, and Probiotic and Enzyme Blend.

Each serving delivers 20g of organic protein PLUS 21 whole food vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and omega-3s—for as little as 150 to 170 nutrient-dense calories per serving (depending on the flavor).

Plus, it’s low in sugar.  

Nutrition & Ingredients

Here’s what’s in it for you

Organic Bone Broth Protein Blend (20g protein per serving): With all the nourishing goodness you’ve come to love from the superfood Organic Bone Broth Protein is the added power of Tiger Nuts. Tiger nuts aren’t really nuts, though. They’re tubers loaded with prebiotic fiber to help fuel you—and put a tiger in your tank!

Organic Fiber Blend (7g to 9g per serving, depending on the flavor): Organic flax seed and chia seed team up to deliver a healthy helping of fiber plus healthy fats and nutrients.

Organic Botanical Blend: Experience the synergy of ashwagandha extract, alfalfa grass juice, oat grass juice, fermented turmeric, fermented cinnamon, fermented ginger and raw apple cider vinegar. Wow!

Probiotic and Enzyme Blend: The Probiotic and Enzyme Blend in Organic Bone Broth Protein Meal is brimming with specially selected enzymes plus the gut-boosting probiotic Bacillus coagulans.

Now there’s no reason to settle for anything less than an ORGANIC delicious and nutritious meal—with the added perk of a delicious savory flavor!

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