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  • Supports immune system health†
  • Promotes metabolism health†
  • Encourages healthy inflammation levels†
  • Supports hormonal balance†
  • Supports healthy skin†

Introducing The Get Real Nutrition Immune System Makeover Kit

*Disclaimer: Actual products included in kit may vary depending upon availability.

A Breakthrough Line of Immune-Supporting Solutions, including:†

• Real Omega Immune

• Multi Metabolite Immune

• Fermented SuperJuice Immune

Real Probiotic Cleanse

Combined, these 4 supplements are perfect for anyone looking to naturally support:

  • Immune system health†
  • Metabolism health†
  • Healthy inflammation levels†
  • Hormonal balance†
  • Healthy skin†
  • And so much more

Now, here’s a look inside The Get Real Nutrition Immune System Makeover Kit:

  • Real Omega Immune: Organic, real foods, super juices and traditional botanicals—including cacao, “turkey tail,” turmeric and astragalus— PLUS sprouted chia seed, flaxseed, pumpkin seed and more combine to deliver healthy, balanced omega-3s, omega-6s and omega-9s.†
  • Multi Metabolite Immune: It’s a multi that is packed with 36 ORGANIC fermented foods, herbs and spices—including echinacea, astragalus, ginger and turmeric—PLUS Indian gooseberry, Elderberry fruit and many other immune supporters as well as adaptogens Ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea, all in a “turkey tail” mushroom culture to support a healthy response to stress and healthy immune system function.†
  • Fermented SuperJuice Immune: It’s a synergistic combination of ORGANIC real foods, super juices and traditional botanicals, such as purple maize, pomegranates, grapes and garlic—PLUS apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, pineapple, papaya, purple carrots, red beets, celery, parsley, broccoli, squash, sweet peppers and more—formulated specifically to target immune health.
  • Real Probiotic Cleanse: A synergistic combination of real foods, super juices and traditional botanicals – such as Milk Thistle, Schisandra, Sunflower and Aloe Vera – transformed by our patent pending, MTS probiotic fermentation technology.

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Probiotics + Fermented Foods Equals Tremendous Benefits

We strongly believe that fermented foods and probiotics belong together, and that these immune-supporting herbs, spices, veggies, fruits, “medicinal” mushrooms are more efficient and synergistic when fermented together and in whole food, organic form—helping you get a true MAKEOVER for your immune system.

Benefits of fermented foods include:

  • Introduction of a variety of healthy probiotics into the digestive system, which can help balance bacteria in the digestive system, supporting bowel health, digestive health and immune health†
  • Healthy food and nutrient absorption via the balance of gut bacteria and the introduction of enzymes†
  • Healthy balance of stomach acid, since fermented foods have the ability to naturally support healthy, balanced stomach acid production†
  • Healthy production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps with the transmission of nerve impulses, helping to support healthy bowel movements†
  • Supports the healthy function of the pancreas†
  • Supports healthy detoxification†

In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure these fermentation benefits and more through using ORGANIC, Non-GMO whole foods, herbs, spices and an in-depth five-step process called the “Micro-Biome-Transformation System” or “MTS”, a 5-Point Fermentation System used on these small-batch, hand-cultivated and artisanal ingredients and products.

This 5-Point Process includes these steps

  • NUTRIENT INFUSION by gently hand-mixing the ingredients with organic juices to properly ferment and sprout the formulas.
  • ACTIVE GERMINATION for 18 to 48 hours to supply clean, nutritionally dense energy in an easy-to-digest form.
  • THERMAL LIBERATION (based on ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic, European South and North American herbal systems) of steeping ingredients for 8 to 12 hours, liberating and concentrating active compounds, and optimizing the growth environment for the next step, LIVE FERMENTATION.
  • LIVE FERMENTATION by using probiotics and fungi to activate this nutrient-rich base for 3 to 90 days. The probiotics and fungi serve to transform and deliver the valuable benefits.
  • FREQUENCY HARMONIZATION: Based on emerging science on the benefits of light and sound in growth and fermentation, this step uses light and sound to optimize the growth and fermentation environment (at the cellular level) for the formulas.

    All together, these ingredients and processes are involved in creating the Get Real Immune System Makeover, which offers exceptional nutrition for the immune system during this season (and even afterwards) when immunity can be more challenged!

    Give your immune system what it deserves with The Get Real Immune System Makeover.

    And every formula, every ingredient is backed by the highest quality standards

    Nutritional Facts And Key Ingredients

    Real Omega Immune

    Multi Metabolite Immune

    Fermented SuperJuice Immune

    Real Probiotic Cleanse

    Historically, the herbs, spices, veggies, fruits, “medicinal” mushrooms, probiotic-rich fermented foods and other compounds we included in the blend have been consumed to support immune system health.

    Turmeric: Used thousands of years ago in Asia, turmeric is packed with antioxidants, supports a healthy response to inflammation, supports a healthy immune system and supports cellular health.† 

    Garlic: Garlic contains substances called allistatin, allicin, garlicin and ajoine, which help to deliver its immune-supporting benefits.†

    Astragalus: As an adaptogen, astragalus also functions to support a healthy response to stress.†

    Echinacea: One of the most popular herbs in America today, echinacea has a history of use by Native Americans for over 400 hundred years for supporting general health.† Nowadays, echinacea is mostly used to support a healthy immune system.†

    Cacao: This one’s not always thought of as an immune supporter, since cacao (chocolate) seems too good to be true to help balance the immune system, but it does†

    Green Tea: Since ancient times, green tea has been consumed in Eastern cultures because it was considered beneficial for overall health.† Green tea now has received greater scientific interest, mostly due to its antioxidant properties, such as catechins, and its immune-balancing benefits.† †

    Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant has been used for thousands of years, and remains one of the most commonly used herbs in our country.†

    Grapes: Grapes are full of anthocyanin antioxidants which give them their bluish-purplish coloration, but they’re also healthy immune supporters known for their support of healthy immune cells called gamma delta T cells.†

    Pomegranates: Pomegranates have been consumed for thousands of years and are rich sources of polyphenols, which are found in plants, providing their color and flavor.†

    Purple Maize: Purple maize is from ancient strains of Andean maize, is super nutritious and isn’t filled with GMOs. It’s also packed with anthocyanins, those powerful antioxidants.† 

    “Turkey Tail” Mushroom (Trametes versicolor): This common mycelium is often referred to as “the turkey tail” mushroom due to its variety of colors and its resemblance to the tail feathers of a wild turkey—often in brown, cinnamon, buff or reddish-brown colors, but with varying colors, too.

    Fermented Foods: Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and others are great ways to support immune health, since these foods contain healthy, friendly bacteria (probiotics) which help to create a healthy balance of gut bacteria.†

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