Truffle Salt

  • Deep Ocean Sea Salt and Black Diamond Truffle
  • One small pinch delivers a flavor-packed bite
  • Provides an elegant, earthy, rich, and nutritious taste

Truffle Salt

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  • Deep Ocean Sea Salt and Black Diamond Truffle
  • One small pinch delivers a flavor-packed bite
  • Provides an elegant, earthy, rich, and nutritious taste
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Discover The Exquisite Taste of Ancient Apothecary Truffle Salt

Ancient Apothecary Truffle Salt contains a unique blend of deep ocean sea salt and black diamond truffle. These delicious and nutritious ingredients make for one of the world’s most treasured seasonings. Add it to your favorite recipes and dishes for a flavorful, aromatic, and nutritious way to turn any home cook into a gourmet chef.

One small pinch is all it takes to deliver a flavor-packed bite. But it’s not just flavor. It’s flavor and much more, thanks to these key ingredients:  

Deep Sea Salt

Every crystal of deep sea salt comes from bodies of salt water. After the water is concentrated and distilled, the beneficial minerals and salts are left behind. That’s a key reason deep sea salt is darker than other “processed” conventional salts. Those salts are typically white and stripped of their nutrients.

Deep sea salt absorbs many valuable essential trace minerals from deep sea water.

And that's just one benefit. Another is the fact that many ordinary, iodized salts are processed, and that can leave only the sodium and chloride.

On the other hand, deep sea salt is barely processed. So, it retains its treasure trove of trace minerals.

Additionally, with its distinct flavor, deep sea salt is simply delicious for culinary uses!

That’s it for the deep sea salt part. Now it’s time for the black diamond truffle.

What is Black Diamond Truffle?

For starters, black diamond truffle is a luxurious food. Many cultures consider it an extreme delicacy. It’s also a tuber species, meaning it forms underground.

That’s what makes truffles different from other mushrooms.

Since they grow underground, they have no stem and the roots are white filaments. They feed off the rich sap of other plants roots. This makes them brimming with flavor.

Although truffles come in all varieties—from gray to black to white truffles—the most common are black. With complex earthy flavor, truffles are often best combined with bland foods to bring out the unique flavor. In fact, the flavor of truffles is what makes them favored and coveted all over the world!

Not only are black diamond truffles admired for their culinary exquisiteness, but they also are nutritious.

So, go ahead and add these treasured and celebrated compounds to your favorite recipes for flavor, aroma and nutrients! Yum!!

Seasoning like Nothing Else on Earth

I love sprinkling a little Ancient Apothecary Truffle Salt on my eggs for an elegant, earthy, rich, nutritious taste.

My wife was a bit skeptical the first time she tried it, but once she did, this is what she had to say: "I'm never going back to ordinary salt again." Pair this salt with some fresh ground peppercorn and you are bound to make any dish extraordinary. 

So, give it a try and start enjoying the amazing flavor.

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