Liver Cleanse
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  • Supports healthy digestion and a healthy liver†
  • Supports a healthy response to inflammation†
  • Supports a healthy metabolism†
  • Contains synergistic milk thistle, turmeric, dandelion, and bupleurum
  • 10 Billion CFUs per serving of Plant- and Soil-Based Organisms Probiotics and Prebiotics

Suggested Usage

  • Adults take three capsules daily with 8 ounces of water or juice.
  • Not intended for children

Product Facts

  • Form: Capsules
  • Serving Size: 3 capsules
  • Number of Servings: 30

Dietary Restrictions

Health Interests

Support a Healthy Liver and Healthy Digestion

ProBiome Rx™ Liver Cleanse delivers a potent blend plant- and soil-based probiotics to support your gut and liver health.† It can:

  • Promotes healthy, regular bowel movements†
  • Supports a healthy metabolism†
  • Contains synergistic milk thistle, turmeric, dandelion, and bupleurum to support healthy digestion and a healthy liver†
  • 10 Billion CFUs * per serving of Plant- and Soil-Based Organisms Probiotics and Prebiotics

Plus, it contains synergistic herbs and minerals that work with your body’s natural cleansing systems, not against them with harsh chemicals, fibers, and laxatives.

Do You Need a Cleanse?

To be honest, you probably do. Many people don’t realize this, but they have toxins building up inside their bodies and they could use a clean sweep!

Don’t get me wrong. Your body is a remarkable machine that can rid itself of toxins. But even if we eat healthy foods and live a healthy lifestyle, we may need an occasional cleansing boost.†

Here’s why: we’re bombarded with chemicals and toxins every day. In fact, over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are typically released by industries into the environment each year. Many of these toxic chemicals are persistent and hang around for decades or even centuries.

Your colon, liver and other detoxing organs do their best to naturally filter these toxins, but it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed.

Cleansing can be a great help for supporting overall digestive and liver health.†

Our Body’s Built-In Cleansing System

Fortunately, our bodies have a built-in cleansing system. Our liver, colon, lungs, skin and, kidneys function to "cleanse" our bodies. Here’s how.

The lungs are said to take in pounds of pollutants and eliminate toxic gases each minute. Since our lungs are comprised of muscle tissue, they need to be exercised regularly to remain strong. Most of us don’t use our lungs to their capacity, but exercise requires deep breathing, which can help keep our lungs strong so they can do their work.

The skin is our largest eliminative organ; each skin pore serves as an exit route for waste. Some ways to keep skin healthy is to keep it clean, well-circulated and primed for getting its job done.

The kidneys, however, get rid of fluid wastes and purify the bloodstream. That’s one of the reasons why it’s important for you to drink enough pure water.

Support Your Liver and Colon

Even though the colon is more popularly known for cleansing, your liver is actually a cleansing superstar. Your liver neutralizes as many toxins as it can process. To reiterate, whatever it can’t handle, it stores to protect the body. But those toxins can build up with time.

Additionally, your colon is in charge of removing stagnant waste within the digestive system.

A lot has to happen for your body to digest food, absorb nutrients, remove toxins, and move waste through your nearly 30 feet of intestines.

Without a healthy, functioning liver and colon, waste can build up. Over time, it can inhibit these organs’ effectiveness.

That’s where cleansing can help.†  A cleanse can work with your body’s natural digestive and detoxification systems to "ungunk" your system and keep it—and you—humming along.†

All Cleanses Are Not Created Equally

Cleanses come in all shapes, sizes and with a wide array of ingredients. Some are okay and some are not so great.

The vast majority of cleansing formulas on the market include stimulant laxatives. Stimulant laxatives, such as senna and cascara sagrada, can be harsh on the digestive system.

That's why I recommend you choose a cleanse that works with your natural digestive and detoxification systems, not against them.

This ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse supplement uses a potent blend of live probiotics and prebiotics for overall digestive health.† Plus, it contains nourishing minerals and vitamins to help support the digestive process from start to finish.†

Superfoods and a Seven Soil System for Cleansing

One of the main ingredients in ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse is our Tonic Mushroom, Micro Algae, and Mineral Blend. I specifically included these ingredients to support your liver health, detoxification, and gut health.†

It includes a blend of Cordyceps, Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes), and Maitake (Grifola frondosa).

Plus, the blend include the microalgae spirulina and chlorella. Two great advantages of these blue-green algae superfoods are:

  • their cleansing effect on the bowel and other elimination systems.†
  • their alkalinity, which helps support a less acidic, healthy state in the body. In fact, the body’s 100 trillion cells prefer a slightly alkaline state—and green foods—such as spirulina and chlorella—are alkalizing foods your body and your gut will love.†

For added benefits, ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse features a Botanical Blend of Turmeric root, Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root and Bupleurum root for extra colon and liver support.†

We included these for their:

  • gentle detoxification support.†
  • support for healthy cells.†
  • support for healthy digestion.†
  • antioxidants which support liver health and immune system health.†

They’re packed with soothing properties, and together, they support healthy bowel movements, a healthy colon and healthy liver.†

Introducing Potent Probiotics to Cleanse

ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse also contains a potent, high-quality blend of live probiotics and prebiotics to:

  • support a healthy immune system and healthy nutrient absorption.†
  • support healthy microbial balance in the  digestive tract.†
  • support healthy “movements” to keep things moving along.†

What about you? Does your body need a clean sweep? If so, try ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse and give your body the fresh start it needs!

I personally endorse ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse and recommend it to my patients.

With ProBiome Rx Liver Cleanse you get high-quality probiotic strains and liver support†, and  it's backed by my unbeatable guarantee.

*at time of manufacture
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